Medical Document Extraction

Accelerate medical data integration with Guava's automatic lab result extraction technology

Designed for Seamless Data Integration

Extract and normalize lab results from images or PDFs effortlessly

extract lab records from paper documents and PDFs
Leverage Guava's flexible on-demand API or bulk upload to unlock value from documents in your warehouse or customer-facing products.
Harness our capabilities of detecting and deciphering information from unstructured text, perfect for enriching EHR data repositories.
Benefit from our sophisticated algorithms that handle variations of lab test names, unit conversions, and more based on contextual clues in the document.
Utilize the best of cutting edge AI technology with Guava's continuous enhancements.
Detect blood test results, urinalysis, allergy panels and more, including datetimes, LOINC codes, references ranges, and units.

Fast, Efficient, and Reliable Data Extraction

Utilize the same enterprise-grade parsing technology that powers Guava documents for users worldwide
Finding a lab result record extracted from a scanned document

Detect 1000+ Lab Names

Our algorithm works in multiple languages, and handles matching on different variations of lab test names based on contextual clues, such as reference ranges, units, and document layout.
Automatically handle conversion between different unit variations.
Extract lab results from documents

Take advantage of our 50,000+ EHR connections to understand the nuances of common lab names

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