Guava's mission is to empower people to understand and improve their health

To accomplish our mission, people need complete access and control over their health information, and they need to be able to understand it simply to make informed decisions. We’re building a best-in-class solution that is bridging the information gap.

Our goal is to build an enduring company that measurably improves both our own health and the health of our fellow humans worldwide. This is reflected in our business model - we sell products directly to you and to those trying to keep you healthy so that our incentives are directly aligned with your health goals.

Our Principles

Think long term
Provide positive value to humanity
Think holistically
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The Guava Team

Our team has diverse backgrounds in health and technology. The co-founders, Alex and Dylan, are engineers who built the personal assistant team at Graphiq, which was acquired by Amazon Alexa in 2017 to power Alexa's Q&A.

The team at Guava includes ex-Amazon employees who worked closely together for years, and executives with decades of experience in healthcare, medicine, and privacy law. Some of our team members manage chronic conditions themselves, ensuring we relentlessly build with the patient in mind.
Alex Yau profile photo
Alex Yau
Dylan Wenzlau profile photo
Dylan Wenzlau
Kat McGraw profile photo
Kat McGraw MD, FHM, CPE
Chief Medical Officer
Also: Chief Medical Officer at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital
Isabel Stewart profile photo
Isabel Stewart
Awadi Rathugamage profile photo
Awadi Rathugamage
Emily von Weise profile photo
Emily von Weise
Henry Weigand profile photo
Henry Weigand
Mark Dingle profile photo
Mark Dingle
Paul von Autenried profile photo
Paul von Autenried
Former: Chief Information Officer at Bristol Myers Squibb
Jim Beslity profile photo
James Beslity
Former: VP, Assistant General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer at Bristol Myers Squibb
Luca Foschini profile photo
Luca Foschini
Current: CEO at Sage Bionetworks
Former: Co-founder, Chief Data Scientist at Evidation Health
Craig Lipset profile photo
Craig Lipset
Current: Board Advisor & Speaker
Former: Head of Clinical Innovation at Pfizer
Heike Schirmer profile photo
Heike Schirmer
Current: Chief Product Officer at Yogi
Former: Director at Amazon
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The Guava Community

We’re thankful for our community of doctors, nurses, EMTs, health advocates, and innovators who support our mission and help us shape the product.
The Guava Community
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Our Investors

Scop VC logo
ScOp VC is led by Kevin O’Connor, whose successful venture investments include Well Health, Procore, and DoubleClick. Kevin has also founded multiple companies of his own which sold for over $1B.
Dylan and Alex
Co-founders Dylan and Alex personally invested in Guava and have committed additional future funding.

Our Connections

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Guava is connected to over 50,000 providers across the US, from the biggest hospitals to the smallest clinics. We work with providers to help them comply with the 21st Century Cures Act and give patient’s access to their data. If you’re a provider looking to enable Guava to comply with the 21st Century Cures Act and other applicable law, contact us at [email protected].