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Tap into easier health tracking

Guava Tags are your shortcut to health tracking. Stick it on any item. Tap it to log your meds, symptoms, water, activities, and more.

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How It Works

1. Stick it

Stick your Guava Tag on everyday items

Your pill containers, water bottle, coffee machine, or even your diary.

2. Tap it

Tap the Tag with your phone

Instantly log water, meds, symptoms, or any health action with just a tap.

3. Track it

See your health trends, all in one place.

Know when you took your meds, and when to refill
Keep track of your water intake
Identify symptom patterns
Monitor your mood
Track your caffeine
Requires a device with background NFC capability, the same technology used for "tap to pay" and found in most modern smartphones. For Apple, this means iPhone XS or later.
Tap to log your

Turn your taps into powerful insights

Health Insights in Guava

You do your day.
Guava does the math.

Find your symptom triggers, evaluate treatments, and uncover factors influencing your health.
Fits into your routine. No batteries required.
Tailor your Tag to track what matters to you.
For shared locations like the coffee maker, each person can choose what the Guava Tag logs for them.

Your privacy, our priority

We follow HIPAA, Federal, and State laws to ensure your information is secure.

We do not sell your data, and you are in complete control of who you share your profile with.
See how we keep your data safe
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