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Get your Emergency Card
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Grants Access to Life-Saving Information
Recommended by First Responders
Connects Families
Up-to-date Medical Information
I got the Guava Card for my mom a few months ago and we both love it. She feels safe and prepared knowing if anything happened, emergency personnel will have everything they need for fast treatment. I love it because I get notified whenever the card is scanned, giving me peace of mind.
- Maryann

How It Works

Emergency medical responders often can't access relevant medical records while in the field. Instead, they're trained to search your belongings for information to determine course of care.
Using the QR code on the Guava Emergency Card, emergency medical staff can access life-saving information on your profile such as current medications, allergies, and conditions.
Medical information stays up-to-date through an integration with your doctor's patient portal.

What Emergency Medical Staff Are Saying

Having an emergency card that has all of the patient's up-to-date information would be incredible. The information we collect in the field is what the hospital uses for treatment when the patient arrives at the ER.
Brooke, EMT
When we work with people who can't always advocate for themselves, accurate medication information is so important to have when providing care.
Catina, Nurse
When an unconscious person gets to the ER the first thing we do is look through their wallet and pockets to see if there's relevant medical or safety information. Having an emergency card on you is a great idea for "worst case scenarios".
Erica, Nurse