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You never know what’s going to happen in life, so having the ability to have detailed information with just a scan of my Guava Emergency Card is amazing
- Gabby G
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How it works

Medical responders often can't access medical records while in the field. Instead, they're trained to search your wallet and other belongings for information to determine course of care.
Using the QR code on the Guava Card, medical staff can access life-saving information:
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Conditions
  • Emergency Contacts
Medical information stays up-to-date by syncing with your doctor's patient portal. You can also add information and fully customize your emergency profile.
First responder explains emergency
protocol and Guava Card

What emergency medical staff are saying

Catherine C., EMT
Everyone should consider how their critical medical information will be communicated to first responders in an emergency. Your family doesn't always know, and you may be too critical to communicate with us.
Please help us, help you.
Erica, Nurse
When an unconscious person gets to the ER the first thing we do is look through their wallet and pockets to see if there's relevant medical or safety information. Having an emergency card on you is a great idea for "worst case scenarios".
Brooke, EMT
Having an emergency card that has all of the patient's up-to-date information would be incredible. The information we collect in the field is what the hospital uses for treatment when the patient arrives at the ER.
Chris P., EMT
First Responders can end up spending valuable time going through personal belongings to find relevant medical information that dictates care. Having an emergency card can help ensure we provide expeditious and accurate care.
Zach A., Ski Patrol
As providers, we can feel confident that we are getting up-to-date and accurate medical information, which gives us the ability to treat the patient to the best of our ability. The Guava Card can also save anxiety and pressure from the patient when they are unable to remember which medications they are on.
Catina, Nurse
When we work with people who can't always advocate for themselves, accurate medication information is so important to have when providing care.
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