Guava: Your Device's Companion App

Seamless integration for device manufacturers. Enhance user experience. No development hassle.

Built for Fitness and Medical Device Manufacturers

An all-in-one platform for health data captured by your devices

Guava App
Integrate your devices with Guava for easy, real-time health data tracking and insights. No need to build an extensive companion app yourself.
Our platform supports hundreds of metrics such as steps, heart rate, sleep, glucose, blood pressure, activity, and more.
Enhance user experience with Guava's well-designed, user-friendly interface. Focus on your hardware while we handle the frontend.
Leverage Guava's broad connectivity to major apps and devices like Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health, Google Fit, Dexcom, Oura, and more.
Make it an easier decision for consumers to switch to your devices, since their old data can be imported into Guava.
Choose from flexible branding options: a Guava-branded or co-branded experience, or a mostly white-label solution for increased brand prominence.

Fast, Intuitive, and Comprehensive

Guava offers a quick and easy way for users to interact with the data from your devices
Guava App

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