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Lab Results
Lab Results
MRIs, X-RAYs, and CT-scans
Doctor Notes
Doctor Notes
Medical and Fitness Device Metrics
Devices & Apps
Symptom and Lifestyle Logs
Emergency Info
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Health Info That Travels With You

Moved? Seen more than one doctor? Take Guava wherever life takes you.

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Keep Your Records Up To Date

Connect to patient portals from over 40,000 facilities and hospitals in the US.

Ditch Your Paper Records

Simply take a photo of your documents and see Guava automatically digitize your lab results and more.
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Get Better and Faster Treatment

Share your up-to-date health history with doctors to improve your care everywhere.

Your health is more than just medical records

Track the full story by connecting your medical and fitness devices.
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Knowledge is Power

Understand Your Results

See your health over time, what is optimal, and what factors influence your results.
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Spot Trends

Ditch the binder
Keep an eye on conditions you're managing, or new symptoms that pop up with our symptom tracker.
Track your meds
Make a note on medications to help you remember which ones did and didn't work, and what the side effects were.

Find Things Fast

Spend less time digging through your medical history with our quick search.
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Guava is Built For You

those managing conditions
Those managing conditions
Guava helps her advocate for herself. Armed with all of her records and tracked symptoms, she and her providers are able to work together to come up with better diagnoses and treatment plans.
those optimizing their health
Those optimizing their health
Guava gives her valuable insights into her wellness. She uses Guava to monitor her key biomarkers and trends so she can make changes to her lifestyle and diet before any problems arise.
new parents
New parents
New parents use Guava to quickly access their child's health records, stay up to date with their vaccination schedule, and track growth charts.
those preparing their next phase of life
Those preparing their next phase of life
For this retiree, having all of his records in one place has given him and his family peace of mind. Sharing Guava with them and his providers ensures that there are no gaps in his care.
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Be Prepared For Anything

Your Guava plan comes with an Emergency Card, which grants medical responders access to life-saving information in an emergency.
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Everyone should consider how their critical medical information will be communicated to first responders in an emergency. Your family doesn't always know, and you may be too critical to communicate with us.

Please help us, help you.

- Catherine C., Emergency Responder
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Guava Health is a personal health tracker that keeps your health information in one place. You can find records, see health trends, and track your symptoms and meds.

What People Are Saying

Grace W.
Guava is like MyChart on steroids, and allows me to combine my medical info from multiple places (my PCP, specialists, Quest, even my fitbit). I’ve lost weight, found a healthy diet not just for how my body looks, but how it feels, identified issues in my sleep schedule, and helped make adjustments in my overall routine. With Guava, I’ve been able to work with my doctors to choose the right medication and therapy plans. It encourages me even when I feel defeated.
It has truly changed my life.
Emily VW.
This is groundbreaking for someone who has spent years tracking symptoms in excel spreadsheets!
Potter S.
I am a retired, mobile 74 year old. Since becoming empty-nesters, my wife and I have regularly traveled to visit our far flung 4 children. Over the course of such visits, we have needed unexpected medical care several times. The treating doctor or facility, of course, wants to know all relevant medical history. Having become a member of Guava, it is comforting to know that full, accurate and up to date medical information will now be immediately available, with no delay.
Anu B.
Guava is packed with a ton of cool features which allows me to input key health parameters that I wish to track every day. It’s intuitive and I’ve even made a few changes in my lifestyle for the better. Having control of my health data in my own hands is empowering! Thank you Guava for enabling me to do that.
Yuna H.
When I first heard of Guava Health, I immediately resonated with its commitment to health equity and accessibility. I especially love Guava’s incredible emergency card as a resource to keep all my health records in one place, readily available with a quick QR scan!
Caitlyn D.
As a patient, RN and now pre-medical student most of my life has been centered around healthcare. I have witnessed the detrimental effects and frustration that occurs for both patients and healthcare staff due to the lack of access to medical records and necessary resources. In the U.S The average time to diagnose patients with rare diseases is 7.6 years. Guava has made it possible for patients to be stakeholders in their healthcare.
Gabby G.
You never know what’s going to happen in life, so having the ability to have detailed information with just a scan of my Guava Emergency Card is amazing. Guava is laying the groundwork in healthcare that should’ve been done long ago.
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Your privacy is everything

We follow HIPAA, Federal, and State laws to ensure your information is secure.

We will never sell your data, and you are in complete control of who you share your profile with.
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