Privacy Policy

Also see our Privacy and Security page.


Guava uses first party cookies to directly provide useful features such as login and remembering your settings. Cookies can be deleted at any time through your web browser settings, although you'll have to re-type your full email address and password to log in again. Our login screen offers you the option to "trust this device" which will store your email address in a cookie and keep you logged in for a longer period of time to make your Guava experience faster and more seamless.
We do not use 3rd party tracking or advertising cookies in the Guava portal (the main logged-in part of our app/website that contains personal health information). We do use 3rd party analytics software, such as Google Analytics, on our public pages like our home page and plans page. These analytics help us understand the quality of our pages, which helps us run the business efficiently and enables us to provide lower prices. We do not sell any of this data.

Data Download & Deletion

You can request a full download or deletion of your data at any time by emailing [email protected]. Requests will take no longer than 30 days (or shorter if required by applicable law), but will usually be much faster. If Guava ever stops doing business or changes ownership through acquisition, you will receive an email giving you a chance to download or delete your data before new policies or deletions affect your data.

Personal Information

Guava collects several types of personal information to provide you our service, but this information is used exclusively in order to provide you with a good experience and we delete any data upon request. You can delete and modify several types of personal information directly within your Guava profile and settings, such as your date of birth and email address.
Guava stores all data sent to us by your medical and device providers that you connect. We don't have direct control over the data being sent, but it can include your complete medical record and raw device data, including your full name, home addresses, phone numbers, and all other basic or medical information that your provider decided to input into their system. You can view most of this data directly in the Guava app and you can request deletion at any time.

Selling Data

We do not sell your data. Every way we use your data is to provide you with better service.


By default, we only email you to directly deliver our services, such as telling you about new health records, insights about your health and fitness, and summaries of your activity. Your email preferences may be changed at any time from your Guava settings.
We will only email you marketing or promotional material if you indicate you are interested in receiving this type of material.

Visibility of Health Information

All data you upload or otherwise import into Guava may be viewed by authorized Guava employees when required in order to deliver the service to you. This may include directly obtaining your records from providers if you use one of our concierge services, or fixing and improving parts of the app when used with your data. Access to our databases and other files is only granted to employees on a need-to-know basis to minimize unnecessary access.
For users who connect their Google Fit app to Guava, Guava's use and transfer of data received from Google APIs to any other app complies with the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.


Data transfer and storage within Guava services use modern encryption and best practices to avoid unauthorized access. For example, passwords are one-way encrypted and unreadable by us, all communication is over HTTPS, and our databases use encryption at rest.
In the unlikely event that our systems are breached, we will immediately fix any damage and add more protection to prevent it from happening again. If your personal information is compromised, we will notify you of what was compromised and any recommended actions you should take.