Frequently Asked Questions

What types of data does Guava support?
Medical records
Blood tests, doctor visits and appointments, X-rays, MRIs, conditions, medications, procedures, vaccinations, and much more. Records can be entered through the Guava app or website, or imported from your patient portals, PDFs, or CCDA medical documents.
Paper copies of health documents
Guava extracts useful information from your paper documents (via photo or scan) so you don't have to manually enter them, including blood test results, vaccination cards, visit summaries, insurance bills, and more.
Fitness device and app metrics
Steps, heart rate, sleep, weight, body fat and composition, glucose, blood pressure, cycle/period, food, workouts, and much more. Supported sources include Fitbit, Garmin, Withings, Oura, Google, Apple, WHOOP, iHealth, MyFitnessPal, Cronometer, and many more.
Daily logging inputs
Symptoms, medication and supplement usage, cycle and pregnancy, mood and energy, activities, weight/height/head-circumference, food, caffeine, alcohol, bowel movements and urination, journaling, lifestyle habits, custom types, and more.
Which countries does Guava support?
Guava is built from the ground up to be useful worldwide. Most features are completely country and language agnostic, and Guava can read and extract medical information from PDFs and images in any major language (aka the hundreds or thousands of languages understood by state-of-the-art generative AI). For the United States, there is a special Connect Provider feature which can sync medical records more quickly than other import methods. This is due to recent US laws which empowered patient access, and Guava will enable this same functionality for other countries as soon as similar patient access is enabled.
Which devices and operating systems does Guava support?
Guava supports all modern devices including phones, tablets, and computers using Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and any other OS that supports modern web browsing. Guava can be installed as a native app on iOS and Android, or, can be installed as a Progressive Web App on any modern device so that it's available in your app launcher.
How much does it cost to use Guava?
You can most of Guava's features at no cost with our Free Plan. We also offer a Premium Plan for those who are serious about tracking their health, including a family plan for a multi-profile discount. See Plans.
How do I share my health profile with doctors or family members?
There are several ways to securely share your health data:
Share by email
Press the Share button in your Guava menu, then "Share by email". You can choose which data to share, and for how long. This is the most powerful share option because the recipient will have access to dynamic charts and functions in the Guava app/website.
Share with provider / temporary access code
Same as "Share by email", but instead you are given a temporary code you can give directly to your provider while at the doctor's office. For long term access, use Share by email instead.
Visit Prep Summary
This is Guava's dedicated feature for creating printable curated summaries, and it's our top recommendation for a doctor or specialist visit. It's beautiful, organized, and helps ensure your needs are addressed, especially when time is limited!
Share PDF
To download or print just a single report or list, such as your active meds, you can find a download button in the header or the dot-dot-dot menu for most data types across the Guava app/website.
Export logged entries
For a .csv file of all entries you've manually logged into Guava, visit your Settings and find the Download / Export button. A CSV can be useful for complex data analysis.
Does Guava help me in emergencies?
Yes! Each Guava Premium profile comes with a free Emergency Card. You can also gift an Emergency Card to someone you care about.
Is Guava right for me?
See our Is Guava Right For Me FAQ.
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