Emergency Card as a Service

Enhance your brand while providing a life-saving service.

guava emergency card back
guava emergency card front
Instant Access to Life-Saving Information
Recommended by First Responders
Reassurance for Family Members
Medical Information Stays Up-to-date

Designed for Businesses Seeking to Offer Added Value

Provide a potentially life-saving perk for your customers or members

Emergency Information on a phone
Offer the Guava Emergency Card, connected to our advanced health management app, as a perk for your members or as a standalone product.
Customize the cards with your company's branding on the back, enhancing your brand visibility and demonstrating your commitment to health and safety.
The Guava Emergency Card provides instant access to critical medical information in emergencies, making it an invaluable tool for your customers or members.
Medical information on the card stays up-to-date by syncing with over 50,000 health facilities and a broad range of insurance vendors.
Medical responders can instantly access key information such as medications, allergies, conditions, and emergency contacts with just a scan of the card.

Emergency Card That Saves Lives

Equip your customers with a tool that brings peace of mind and can be critical in emergencies.
emergency card background
guava emergency card front
Everyone should consider how their critical medical information will be communicated to first responders in an emergency. Your family doesn't always know, and you may be too critical to communicate with us.

Please help us, help you.

- Catherine C., Emergency Responder

Connected to Critical Health Information

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