Supported Apps & Health Systems

Guava has integrations with the following 3rd party services. These allow you to connect your health accounts to Guava to see all your device data and patient portal records in one place.

Supported Health Systems, Patient Portals & Insurance Portals

MyChart logo icon
MyChart / Epic
MyChart is the patient portal of Epic Systems, which is the largest EHR/EMR software provider in the US, so it's likely that some of your patient portals are MyChart. Over 400 health systems can be connected through MyChart including some of the largest like Kaiser Permanente.
Healow logo icon
Over 7,000 practices can be connected through Healow.
NextGen logo icon
Over 1,000 practices can be connected through NextGen.
Medicare logo icon
More than 60 million Americans can connect their Medicare information through our Medicare-approved health app.
Veterans Affairs logo icon
The Veterans Health Administration is the largest integrated health care system in the United States with over 1,200 facilities and about 10 million Veterans enrolled. Guava is a VA-approved app.
Patient Fusion logo icon
Patient Fusion
Over 9,000 providers can be connected through Patient Fusion.
Cerner logo icon
Over 450 health systems can be connected through Cerner, but may require 1-2 days for your provider to enable the connection.
CPSI logo icon
Our CPSI integration can connect to any practices using the Evident/Thrive Patient Portal.
Athenahealth logo icon
Over 16,000 providers and practices are connectable through Athenahealth.
FollowMyHealth logo icon
Allscripts / FollowMyHealth
Allscripts may require an extra step of asking your doctor to enable Guava access in their system.
Medhost logo icon
MEDHOST / YourCareEverywhere
Over 300 health networks and facilities using MEDHOST's YourCareEverywhere patient portal are connectable.
CareEvolution logo icon
Trinity Health facilities using CareEvolution's patient portal are connectable.
Anthem logo icon
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield can be connected to pull in insurance records and coverage information.
ModMed (Modernizing Medicine) logo icon
ModMed / Modernizing Medicine
Over 7,000 dermatology, eye doctor, and other specialty practices can be connected through ModMed.
Other Health Systems
If your doctor, clinic, or hospital doesn't use one of the portals in this list, you can still get your records into Guava by following our guide. We support uploading PDFs, imaging, document scans, and CCDA documents. Plus, we'll add new integrations to this list over time.

Supported Apps / Devices

Fitbit logo icon
Fitbit makes a wide variety of affordable health trackers with workable battery life that track metrics including sleep, steps, heart rate, and more.
Garmin logo icon
Garmin makes a wide range of sports and fitness devices including health trackers for sleep, steps, heart rate, and more.
Withings logo icon
Withings has a wifi-enabled FDA-approved blood pressure cuff, plus other health tracking devices.
Oura Ring logo icon
Oura Ring
Oura makes a smart ring that primarily tracks your sleep.
Dexcom logo icon
Dexcom creates a continuous glucose monitor worn as a patch on your skin, primarily for diabetics.
Google Fit logo icon
The Google Fit app allows users to track activity, sleep, nutrition and other health measurements. Many third-party apps and devices also integrate with the Google Fit framework.
Apple Health logo icon
The Apple Health app allows iOS users to track activity, sleep, and other health data from Apple Watches, iPhones, and other third-party apps.
FreeStyle Libre logo icon
FreeStyle Libre creates continuous glucose monitors.
Omron logo icon
Omron makes a number of smart health devices, primarily focused on blood pressure measurement.
WHOOP logo icon
WHOOP makes a device for your wrist or other body locations which tracks sleep, heart rate, and more. WHOOP is comparatively unique in that it's sold as a monthly subscription rather than an up-front cost.
Health Connect logo icon
Health Connect allows Android users to sync their health data from Samsung Health, Galaxy Watches, and other supported third-party apps and devices.
iHealth logo icon
iHealth makes a number of devices including smart thermometers, scales, and blood pressure monitors.
Strava logo icon
Strava allows users to record their activities and workouts.