Guava for Patient Registries

Accelerate research. Streamline patient data collection. Tailored to your registry's needs.

Designed for Patient Registries and Research Organizations

A comprehensive data collection tool for your registry members

Guava App
Invite registry members to share their comprehensive health data through Guava, providing instant access to up-to-date records.
Obtain a holistic view of patients' health, with data from EHRs, fitness devices, glucose monitors, medication intake, tracked symptoms, and more.
We're integrated with over 50,000 facilities across the U.S. and various insurance vendors, ensuring seamless data retrieval and patient records access.
Enhance clinical trial recruitment by identifying potential candidates based on medical records, symptom profiles, and other relevant information.
Unlock a new revenue stream for your organization with data that offers a 360-view of patient health, attractive to research partners.

Quick Data Access and Analysis

Easily search, analyze, and interpret patient data, including EHRs, scanned paper records, device data, and patient journals.
Finding a lab result record extracted from a scanned document

Interoperability at Its Best

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