Patient Portal Solutions

Enhance your patient experience with a cost-effective, intuitive patient portal.

Designed for providers seeking a superior patient experience

Offer your patients a user-friendly, branded health management portal

Guava App
Integrate a branded patient portal into your services, powered by Guava's sophisticated health management system.
Guava is not an EHR or billing system, but a more affordable, user-friendly tool focused on the patient experience.
Give your patients instant access to their health records, connected to over 50,000 facilities across the U.S., and a broad range of insurance vendors.
Patients can also manage data from their fitness devices, glucose monitors, medication intake, and tracked symptoms in one easy-to-navigate portal.
Pricing is flexible and can be tailored to your budget, with options ranging from partially Guava-branded to a fully personalized branding experience.

Simplified Health Record Management

Enable your patients to quickly and easily manage and understand their health records, including EHRs and scanned paper records.
Finding a lab result record extracted from a scanned document

Support for all major EHRs - already integrated with 50,000+ health facilities

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