Digital Care Plans

Modernize your care plans and in-home support with a digital patient-first approach

Personalized & condition-specific care plans

Guava Hypertension Care Plan

Transform your patient instructions into dynamic, interactive tasks for improved adherence, and reduce time spent in manual processes.


Care plans can be standardized, or customized to fit patients’ needs.

Guava Hypertension Care Plan Overview
Guava Hypertension Care Plan Tasks


Structured guides make healthcare tasks manageable and motivating for patients.


Reminders, schedules, gamified elements, and beautiful interactive interfaces keep patients involved.

Guava Hypertension Care Plan Checkin
Guava Hypertension Care Plan Education


Deliver educational materials and self-assessment tools to patients for effective self-management outside of clinical settings.

Equip your care teams with a comprehensive dashboard

Real-time data, tailored alerts, and a holistic view of patient health

Connect to health records from 50,000+ practices and hospitals in Guava's network.
Integrate data from devices, including glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, fitness trackers, and scales.
Monitor key metrics such as symptoms, medication use, mental health, lab results, and more.
Enable personalized alerts for timely interventions and optimal care.
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Find Things Fast

Quickly search for anything in your patients’ medical history, including scanned paper records.
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