Our #BreaktheBias Campaign Has Launched!

March 2, 2023

Guava is proud to celebrate International Women's Day and Women's History Month by launching a campaign focused on gender disparity in healthcare. Gender bias in the healthcare system is affecting women’s diagnoses, treatment plans, career advancements, mental health, and more. In reference to our recently released article series on this topic, we invite women of all backgrounds, including patients, nurses, and doctors, to share their experiences with us. Additionally, we will be highlighting several stories from women featured in the series, as well as research and statistics found on this topic. With this campaign, we hope to create a space for women to tell their stories of inequality in healthcare and to display how gender bias manifests itself in healthcare.

“I’m excited about this campaign because it’ll confront problems women commonly face. These stories and statistics actualize these issues that are often hard to articulate or understand. They give women the opportunity to say ‘yeah, that happened to me too’.”
- Katie Crino, author of the series

Several social media influencers will be participating in the campaign, sharing their experiences with the #BreaktheBias hashtag. Stories will range from medical gaslighting, to race-gender disparity, to the pay gap between female and male doctors.

You can read these articles on Guava’s website or participate in our campaign by posting your story with the hashtag #BreaktheBias.

Follow the campaign on our Instagram @guavahealthinc and our TikTok @guavahealth