Your Radiology Records in Your Pocket

View them, download them, or share them with doctors - they're yours after all.

How It Works

Step 1: You Tell Us Your Healthcare Providers
Let us know where you've had X-Rays, MRIs, or other radiology work performed, and complete your one-time payment of $49.
Step 2: You Authorize Us To Collect Records
Sign an authorization form to allow us to request records on your behalf. Once your payment is complete, we will email you this form.
Step 3: We Do The Legwork
With your signed authorization, we will reach out to facilities to collect them all. You can track our progress in your Guava Profile.
Step 4: Your Records In Your Pocket, Wherever You Go.
View your radiology images across all your devices, or share them with a new care provider! No more dealing with CDs, giant envelopes or paying for duplicative imaging.

Get Started Today for $49

Download or delete your data at any time.
If we cannot get any records from your providers, we will fully refund your purchase.