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Managing Chronic Illness
Managing chronic conditions
Caring for Loved Ones
Caring for loved ones
Finding a Diagnosis
Searching for a diagnosis
Boosting Overall Health
Trying to boost your overall health

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Lab results on Guava app Cycle tracking on Guava app Imaging on Guava app Device metrics on Guava app Doctor notes on Guava app Medication on Guava app Symptom tracking on Guava app Emergency info on Guava app
Lab Results
Lab Results
Symptom Tracking
Cycle Tracking
MRIs, X-RAYs, and CT-scans
Doctor Notes
Doctor Notes
Device Metrics
Devices Metrics
Emergency Info
See all your records in Guava

All your records in one place

Stay organized with all your health records in one spot, with information from all of your patient portals.

Easy health tracking

Monitor your symptoms, medications, and lifestyle easily, making your day-to-day health management a breeze.
Blood Pressure
and more
Track everything all in one app!
Symptom, medication, and mood tracking in Guava
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Health Insights in Guava

Discover health insights

Find your symptom triggers, evaluate treatments, and uncover factors influencing your health.
Just record your day, and let us do the math!

Prepare for your doctor visits

Easily generate a printable summary to share with your doctor
Get the most from your doctor's appointment. No question left behind.
Be empowered. Let the data do the talking.
Prepare for doctor visits in Guava
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Extract lab results from PDFs and photos in Guava

Bring in your lab reports from anywhere

Upload photos or PDFs of your reports, or sync them from your health portals. Watch Guava extract your lab results from thousands of formats and in multiple languages.

Find things fast

Quickly access any part of your health history, making it simple to track trends and remember past health incidents.
Guava quick search

Connect to over 50,000 health providers & fitness devices

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Be ready for emergencies

emergency card background
The Guava Emergency Card
Your Guava Emergency Card fits in your wallet, and gives medical responders quick access to vital information in emergencies.
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Hear from our users

Grace W.
Guava is like MyChart on steroids, and allows me to combine my medical info from multiple places (my PCP, specialists, Quest, even my fitbit). I’ve lost weight, found a healthy diet not just for how my body looks, but how it feels, identified issues in my sleep schedule, and helped make adjustments in my overall routine. With Guava, I’ve been able to work with my doctors to choose the right medication and therapy plans. It encourages me even when I feel defeated.
It has truly changed my life.
Emily VW.
This is groundbreaking for someone who has spent years tracking symptoms in excel spreadsheets!
Potter S.
I am a retired, mobile 74 year old. Since becoming empty-nesters, my wife and I have regularly traveled to visit our far flung 4 children. Over the course of such visits, we have needed unexpected medical care several times. The treating doctor or facility, of course, wants to know all relevant medical history. Having become a member of Guava, it is comforting to know that full, accurate and up to date medical information will now be immediately available, with no delay.
Anu B.
Guava is packed with a ton of cool features which allows me to input key health parameters that I wish to track every day. It’s intuitive and I’ve even made a few changes in my lifestyle for the better. Having control of my health data in my own hands is empowering! Thank you Guava for enabling me to do that.
Yuna H.
When I first heard of Guava Health, I immediately resonated with its commitment to health equity and accessibility. I especially love Guava’s incredible emergency card as a resource to keep all my health records in one place, readily available with a quick QR scan!
Caitlyn D.
As a patient, RN and now pre-medical student most of my life has been centered around healthcare. I have witnessed the detrimental effects and frustration that occurs for both patients and healthcare staff due to the lack of access to medical records and necessary resources. In the U.S The average time to diagnose patients with rare diseases is 7.6 years. Guava has made it possible for patients to be stakeholders in their healthcare.
Gabby G.
You never know what’s going to happen in life, so having the ability to have detailed information with just a scan of my Guava Emergency Card is amazing. Guava is laying the groundwork in healthcare that should’ve been done long ago.
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Your privacy, our priority

We follow HIPAA, Federal, and State laws to ensure your information is secure.

We do not sell your data, and you are in complete control of who you share your profile with.

Community driven

Every feature of Guava is shaped by the needs and feedback of our users – that's you!
The Guava Community
Stay updated and share your ideas with us on our social media platforms, or learn how you can contribute directly through our patient advisory board.

Global and accessible

Supporting 15 Languages and Voice-Over for the Visually Impaired

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Guava Health is a personal health tracker that keeps your health information in one place. You can find records, see health trends, and track your symptoms and meds.

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